Monday, July 4, 2011

Worksheet 1 General Properties of Waves Example 3

T = 30s

T = 1/f

30 = 1/f

30f = 1

f = 1/30Hz

入 = 16cm = 0.16m

v = 入 x f

v = 0.16 x 1/30 = 2/375 = 0.00533(to 3 sig. figures)


No, its is not possible. Even if the amplitude, which is the maximum height of the wave from the rest point, is changed, the wave will always travel 0.57m in 60s unless the amplitude is 0, which means there is no wave. The screenshots below proofs it.

This means that the waves are moving at the same speed each time because they reach the same point in the same time everytime.

Done by: Choi Min Suk

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