Monday, July 4, 2011

General Properties of Waves (Worksheet 1, Example 3)

a) Wavelength in METRES = 30cm = 0.3m
Period in SECONDS = 0.66 s
Speed of the wave pulse = 0.3/0.66 = 0.455 (to 3 significant figures)

b) It Is possible to change the speed of the wave length without changing the width. If you change the amplitude by increasing or decreasing it, either way the speed and of the wave pulse and length will not be affected. Thus this have no effect, but if you half the tension, the wavelength will be divided by 3 and the speed will decrease by 5.5 times. To allow the pulse length to be 30cm, you can set the tension at about ¾ and the pulse length to be 100 cm. This will achieve the same width of 30 cm but at a slower pace, about 4 times slower. Thus we can conclude that changing tension lower and increasing the pulse length can reduce the speed of the wavelength. So if you increase the tension and decrease the pulse length, it should be possible to achieve a faster speed of the wave pulse. Thus this fulfills the condition of having the same width of pulse length while just changing the speed. Thus it should be possible.

Done by Michelle Dapito & Niklaus Teo.

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